CAN YOU SURVIVE? This is a game in which you can live the life of an ordinary inhabitant of a pirate settlement of the 17th century. You are not limited in frameworks: courtesy, law, morality, tactics and strategy. You should do your best to survive.

We are making for you a game, which does not limit you in choosing the path. Your goal is to survive at any cost in the world that wants to kill you and is very inventive in realizing this desire. So who is stronger? Will you be able to bend the world?

days of online development
hours of video from the begining
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*You need ETH-address and 50 LDM on it to participate in alpha-testing of the game* - is a full simulation of life in a pirate environment. A game with the highest level of detail of what is happening and the unique atmosphere of the pirate settlement. In future - the expanding huge world of the 17th century, in which pirate coloring will only be one of the facets of boundless possibilities.
  • You need to monitor the parameters of the character. He must be fed, healthy and felt good to survive.
  • Numerous trials waiting you: wild animals and birds, diseases, domestic injuries, weather conditions.
  • You can hunt, fish, collect wild plants and cultivate your own.

2017, Q4: The release of the alpha version of the game (single-player) for closed testing. (+)

2018, Q1: The release of the beta version (single-player) for open testing, the beginning of work on the multiplayer version, the study of the design document. (+)

2018, Q3: Conducting the first Survival Competition, attracting streamers to advertise the single-version of the game. (+)

2019, Q3: Implementation of an automated system for creating locations (with the prospect of implementing a game map in the form of a real Planet Earth on a scale of 1 to 10).

2019, Q4: The implementation of the economic system using Blockchain technology.

2020, Q1: Closed alpha testing of the multiplayer version of the game in a limited location.

2020, Q2: Open testing of the multiplayer version of the game on an enlarged location with a possible expansion, attracting streamers to advertising.

2020, Q4: The release of the multiplayer version of the game (open world) in an open beta test.

Den Semenov
Founder, Game-design
Development of the entire gaming concept, the economic system of the multiplayer part, the first few months led development in solo mode.
Den Pechenkin
C#, Unity 5
Develops his own game in the Water World style, in our game is responsible for everything thats below sea level, including the swimming system.
Michael Krasakov
C#, Unity 5
Implementation of the most difficult moments of the game in C # comes with his help.
Anton Ludashov
All that concerns the unique models necessary for the game is his prerogative.

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